Elmore Field Days - 1st - 3rd Oct 2013.

Site number 413.

Five pens of cattle on display from all over the Southern state.

members will be onsite to answer any questions over the 3days.

Come along, have a chat and leave with a showbag.

 2012 National Junior show Warwick

                                         James Taylor                                                                    Shannon Taylor

National Beef Bendigo - 2011 

National Beef Bendigo was held over 5 days in May 2011. The Santa Gertrudis cattle were represented by Balagold - Wayne Austin, Burramurra - Mark Baisley, Nangaringa - Peter Fogden, Riverslea - Sonia Martin and The Gambler - Peter Conroy, this made an impressive line up of 20 head.

Wednesday started with heifers and steers being presented for the carcase competition,  judgeing started with on the hoof;

 Judgeing day was Friday 20th May , the well presented animals were paraded passed the judge - Michael O'Sullivan. A small crowd gathered and watched intensely including Phillip Hague, Martin Pentecost and Dennis & Gail Moxey.

 After the show and the animals stalled, time was taken to to chat with fellow breeders.

Congratulations to all exhibitors.

The Southern Santa Gertrudis Breeders would like to thank the sponsers;

ANZ bank, Coprice, Santa Gertrudis Breeders Australia, Riverslea Group.

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Southern Santa Gertrudis Breeders 11th Annual Sale 

This sale was held on 9th March 2011, buyers traveled great distances across Vic and N.S.W. to attend, the undercover selling circle room had in excess of 170 prople in attendance.

Sale Co-ordinator Peter Stevenson reports;  under conditions of cattlemen wanting to build breeding numbers it was a good yarding of Santa/Santa infused cattle.  

The Southern Santa Gertrudis Breeders group was pleased with the quality of females and bulls and the overall support of the sale, a excepional 100% clearance of the sale.

The Sale Gross $450,000.00 for 464 Santa and Santa infused cattle.

The stud bulls were represented from Denngel, Burramurra, Balagold and The Reefs, all quality condition. The top price was for Denngal Ernie ES (P) $3,750.00 bought by Zoltan Bajkai - Corio in Victoria.

The Southern Santa Gertrudis Breeders and Rodwells of Finley would like to thank buyers and underbidders, all vendors, sponsors and people who donated money, time and genuine interest for their support and look forward to seeing you at next year sale. The Southern Santa Gertrudis Breeders annual sale is held every year on the second Wednesday in March.  

Finley Sale 2011

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Elmore Field Days - 2010

Tuesday started the three day event with hot weather, the cattle settled into their new surroundings. As a crowd stopper the first pen had Kuloomba's 4.4yo Bull.  His size 1200kg slowed the crowds as they passed. On the other side was Riverslea's cow & calf,  showing their Melbourne show ribbons. In the next row behind was Restdown's 14mth bull and a steer that was earmarked for human consumption. On the otherside was Lincoln Park with heifers and a young bull that was being prepared for possible showing. In the third pen showing their Melbourne show ribbons was Balagold's bull 13mths and weighing in 570kg.

After a nights rain, Wednesday started off pleasent but the afternoon's weather did deteriorate with thunder. The crowds were enquiring about Santa stock availability, temperment and features such as resistance from pink eye and bloat which made the breed more desirable. The growth rate display was a good example with the mature bull starting life as a small calf.

Thursday's cloudy skies bought in more people to the site; help was appreciated from members of the Southern Santa Gertrudis Breeders group to man the site as information bags were eagerly sought.

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