Welcome to the Southern Santa Gertrudis

Breeders site.

Santa Gertrudis have been bred in Austraia since 1952. The cattle have become highly sought after and is a widley accepted Bos Indicus breed in all states. The Santa Gertrudis Breeders Association has maintained a strictly controlled herd classification on site by a field director, this system ensures that any purchase of classified cattle will meet standards set by the Santa Gertrudis Australia Association.

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Southern Santa Gertrudis Group has taken a site

 at the


1st - 3rd OCT 2013, site no. 413.

more details under events.

Southern Santa Gertrudis Breeders Inc. committee members 

              Melbourne show interbreed junior bull champion;  relaxing in his paddock..

              for 2013/2014

President   -  Peter Stevenson                     

Vice-President  -  Carl Harrington

Secretary  - Jacinta Taylor

Treasurer/Publicity  -  Marita Austin  


If you wish to place an advertisment in the classifieds or update any details -

please contact Marita at balagold@westnet.com.au

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